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Sandy Christie and Kendra Cooke-Ross share a love for children, natural materials, story telling, singing and learning. The birth of Abigail (Kendra's first child) inspired our musings about opening a small business together. Hence, in January 2017 Simply Curious was launched. We are a mother and daughter team committed to cultivating the inquisitive nature of children and adults. Together, we have an extensive background in attachment theory, child and community development as well as parent education.

Simply Curious allows us to extend our own creativity by curating loose parts, building Curious Collections, and gathering together other resources suitable for children from birth to twelve and the adults who care for them. Our community development and teaching skills help us to build partnerships with others working with children, creating inspiring play environments and pop up play spaces, facilitating workshops and providing professional development opportunities.


Sandy brings many years of experience working with people from diverse communities. She has used her interest in brain development and the power of play to inspire families, caregivers and teachers to nurture joyful relationships with the children in their lives.



Kendra's interest in social justice started at a young age. Her passion for teaching others about the significance of healthy attachments on all areas of development has been kindled by her experiences working with people in marginalized situations including addiction, poverty, incarceration and mental illness.


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